Colby Jansen knows exactly how to pump an ass as his boy – Christian Taylor – needs to brace himself against the wall, yet pleading for more. The kid can barely stand with each thrust. Suddenly the tempo slows and Christian moves to the opposite wall, leaning against it and raising his leg high, clearing the way for Colby’s very stiff cock.

Colby then slaps his ass, pulls out and lays down on the shower floor to let his boy simply crouch and ride. Christian pumps Colby’s cock hard as his dick flip-flops up and down, and back and forth. The action is intense, as is the moaning. Then, in a simple moment of silence, he pulls out and leans back in between his coach’s massive legs and jacks a nice pearly load out. Colby quickly stands up and jerks his own cock, hovering inches away from Christian’s face. He shoots a load that covers the kid’s face. With strings of cum hanging from his mouth and nose, Christian licks Colby’s glistening dick.

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