CockyBoys is excited to present the next episode of the erotic documentary mini series called “Just Love – a Pornstars Guide to Sexual Freedom.” This episode features CockyBoys Exclusive Carter Dane and new CockyBoy & Industry Fan Favorite, Jimmy Durano. This episode continues with a more in-depth look into the paths that love, acceptance and self-discovery takes us.

Carter and Jimmy describe their individual journeys towards true love and self acceptance. While they each traveled on different paths, their drive and motivation are the same – refusing to be labeled along the way. Labels close the mind and limit the possibilities to having truly vulnerable, unguarded relationships with oneself and others. They show us how they each embraced their partners differences with love and how this led to their own acceptance and sexual freedom. No journey is easy but in time the rewards are wonderful!

As the episode progresses, we see how Carter and Jimmy bring out the pleasure for each other by opening up with their minds and bodies. Every thought, touch and moan is sensual and adds to the heat as they explore with all of their senses. This is the epitome of sexual freedom. It’s JUST LOVE!!!

CockyBoys, Jimmy Durano, Carter Dane

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