I’ve been teasing you for weeks and it was hard not to tell you the name of the most famous power tops in the gay porn industry, who is going to bottom in the second episode of MEN.com‘s new series “Top To Bottom,“…. I’ve sworn secrecy….but now I got the green-light and and I’m allowed to tell you that…


The identity of his partner is still a secret, but trust me…he is also a well-known top with a big cock! What do you think, who is going to top Paddy? Feel free to guess below in the comment section!

Paddy is known for his thick cock and aggressive style. He fucked tons of the hottest men in the porn industry, but now he is on the other side of the cock, taking it all the way! Here are a couple of preview pictures from “Top To Bottom 2,enjoy them!

Next Friday, I will sow you the first of 4 trailers, so stay tuned!

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Watch Paddy O’Brian’s videos at MEN

Watch Paddy O’Brian’s videos at MEN

BREAKING: PADDY O’BRIAN BOTTOMS FOR THE FIRST TIME ON CAMERA in “Top To Bottom 2”!!! (more photos inside) was last modified: June 28th, 2013 by QueerPig
  • Brad Mogh

    Great news!!!

    • Julien

      I wanna see Cody Cummings fucked by Paddy or Cliff Jensen. Where is Cliffy btw?

      • nnfefews

        Cody will never touch another man

        • Yep! Cody (Kevin) been let go and he’s out the door!

  • pornfan

    Wow, i wasn’t expecting this! Thanks QP for the news, you are the best!

    • Thanks for the nice comment:)

  • p3pito

    I can’t wait to find out who is the top! Any clue? PLEASE!

    • Sorry, but I can’t tell you anything. I’m going to post the first trailer next Friday, maybe that will help 😉

  • BlackCat

    YES!!! I want to see Paddy getting fucked hard!

  • Paddybottoms

    That furry hole looks delicious! YUMMM

  • hellyeah!!!


  • Lotzoflaughs

    I get the feeling it’s Paul Walker who tops Paddy O’Brian. Anyone else agree?

    • jeremy

      No, I don’t want to see that! I want to real top with a big cock!

      • Lotzoflaughs

        Just going by my intuition, lol

        • jeremy

          I don’t think the top is men exclusive. Rocco is shaved, but he has retired. Andrew Stark is not that famous to top Paddy. Mike de Marko is more bottom. Johnny Rapid…it’s not happening. So I don’t know…

  • eric

    hard to guess who his top partner is going to be. I’d say D.O ?

    • Lotzoflaughs

      D.O. appears to be doing more bottoming and flip-fuck scenes these days; for some reason, I doubt it’s him.

      • pornfan

        I don’t think it’s D.O., here is more ripped.

  • kevin

    cant wait!!

  • 22leandro

    Thank you! You made my day, QueerPig! I’m a hardcore Paddy fan

  • suckmydick

    I’ve been waiting for this one to happen!! I hope he can take it like a man!

  • alvaroSP

    I think it’s Topher Dimaggio, because he has a tattoo where the men logo is on the last photo. It would explain why they covered the penetration shot.

    • eric

      It will be a little anticlimatic if it is Topher. Paddy’s first bottoming scene should be with a macho big dicked total top. Topher is too short and not that impressive as far as his equipment goes. But you may be right after examining those pics closely.

      • pierreFR

        In that case i’d rather see Topher bottom, because he looks like one. I want to see a real alpha-male top Paddy!

    • wink

      I also think it’s Topher! Body looks similar

    • wannabe

      I hope it’s Topher!

      • justsayin’

        He is so boring!

      • Looks like Topher’s smooth body.

    • bjorn

      Other blogs say it’s Rocco, but in that case…I’m not interested.

  • 4life

    I hope he will also suck cock!

    • ……..

      I’d love to see that too!

  • takit

    FINALLY! It is time to bend over and take it!

  • yay

    He fucked himself with a dildo, glad to see him taking a real cock this time!

  • lobtaylor

    Emmm okay.I have never been a fan of his or Rocco Reed.
    Gaydom seem to be forever obsessed with the ‘gay for pay’ str8 actors.

    • carioca707

      Couldn’t agree more! I want to see gay men in gay porn!

      • Pumajocks

        I agree again or at least admit they are bi

  • fanofcolbyjansen

    I want to see Colby Jansen taking a big dick!

    • jinx


  • martino

    Am I dreaming? I can’t wait to watch the trailer!!!

  • lickylicky

    I want to bury my face in his hairy ass so bad…

  • Bill

    I think Paddy is gay or at least bisexual and he is playing a character that either he or the industry has devised — works very well to play it straight to build a following, and no one can deny his meteoric rise. Unlike Rocco, he fucks with gusto, he is always rock hard, and I expect he will get fucked with gusto as well. As for the top, I think other posters are correct that it is Topher in the photo, although there is an outside chance it could be Rafael Carreras, or they might have substituted someone else into that photo other than his scene partner to throw us all off. I don’t think this will be Paddy’s first rodeo, but for character-building I think they will give him a smaller-dicked top the first time out of the gate. Perhaps we can have a contest to suggest his next topper like the failed one to write a scene for Rocco a while back?

    • Bill

      Ooops, sorry, correct that, Rafael Alencar.

      • pornfan

        He has a big tattoo under his bellybutton. Too big for that Men logo, so im 100% sure it’s not him.

  • nomore

    I’m tired of watching “gay 4 pays”

    • Pumajocks

      Me too

  • hurts+

    It’s not Paul, because his legs are hairy.

  • paolo

    Paddy O’Brian, Trenton Ducati, Jimmy Durano, Landon Conrad, Jessy Ares…please, retire already!!!!

    • hatersgonnahate

      Yes, please!

    • Lotzoflaughs

      What? Paddy O’Brian, Trenton Ducati, Jimmy Durano, Landon Conrad and Jessy Ares are some the sexiest male porn stars in the industry. How could you want them to retire?

  • sammy

    I don’t care who the top is, it’s a real cock in Paddy’s ass! Enough said

  • Wow, I thought this was coming when Paddy fucked Paul, but now I’m in total shock!

  • friday

    I’ve been waiting for Paddy to get fucked for a long time! Thank you!

  • question

    Am I the only one who finds Paddy extremely boring?


      Yes, you’re the only one.

  • bluevelvet

    Please tell me it’s not Rocco Red fucking Paddy! #myworstnightmare

  • Laphog


  • DT

    *pop* lol

  • Mike

    I’m dissapointed. He was great as a dominant total top. Now I’ll lose respect for him as a real top