Lucas Entertainment has just announced the signing of muscle bottom Ace Era as the studio’s latest exclusive model! He’s a total jock in the streets and an insatiable cum pig in the sheets, much to the enjoyment of his sex partners.

Ace Era’s next bareback sex scene debuts on Monday, 13 March 2017. The scene features Ace getting fucked by the raw cocks of Michael Roman and Bulrog. The scene will later appear in the movie “Ass-Fucking Alpha Males,” due for DVD release in June 2017.

Continue reading for my exclusive interview with Ace!

Hi guys, Ace Era here I’m 30 yrs old and live in West Virginia USA right now. Doing porn is something that I have always wanted to check off my bucket list and I have a friend in porn his name is Nick Roberts we lived in the same area in Ohio when I lived there and he knew I wanted to do porn so he put in a good word for me at Dick Wadd. Rob Rodin from Dick Wadd hit me up and we when we got our schedules lined up we shoot my first porn this past September 😊 I have always been more of an introvert but as I get older i’m coming out of my shell more and more so I figure I ain’t getting any younger so let’s go for it!

You’ve been very busy lately filming for Raw Fuck Club, Lucas Entertainment, Pride Studios, Dominic Ford, Hot House etc.. Which upcoming scene are you the most excited about?

I just shot a scene with Sergeant Miles with Lucas Entertainment that I’m really excited about. He roughed me up so good! And there was so much silivia pouring out of my mouth while he throat fucked me it’s sure to be a out piggy scene! Not sure when it will be out yet.

What type of guy are you attracted to? Do you have a specific preference and what qualities does a guy need to have to turn your head?

I tend to go for older men, a good every day Joe is my kind of guy. I mean don’t get me wrong I pretty much lust after every hot muscle guy at the gym but when it comes down to actually getting me in bed I go for a blue collar man who knows what he wants. 😈

If you could direct your own scene, give us a glimpse of what it would be like.

If I were to do my own scene it would be a dark dingy set up, probably a basement. Slings, swings, chains, crosses, lots of tables and gear, a piss shower with LOTS of men and a free for all. CUM, SPIT and PISS EVERYWHERE!!!!! A VERY pig scene. Oink 🐷

What’s the dirtiest or sexiest thing you’ve ever done?

Nothing turns me on more then just giving my whole self away, just surrender and let the guy take over and do whatever he wants to me. Just “relax” as he throat fucks me and spit runs down my face and body and then we use my spit for lube as he slides in my ass and fucks me senseless and blows his load in me hard. And I like when guys can give me more than one load. Then fill me up with piss. That’s always a good time 🐷

What are you doing to stay in shape? What’s your workout routine?

I try to weight train at least 5 days a week training a different body part everyday. And recently I just started doing 2 a days. Cardio in the morning and then weight training in the evenings. I’m really trying to up my gym game and get my body in even better shape.

Any hobbies outside of your porn/modeling career?

Eating…. that’s why I work out so much so I can eat more lol. But besides that I really love plants and taking care of my yard and planting flowers in the summer. I work at greenhouse/nursery in my free time.

What would your fans be surprised to learn about you?

I’m really quite goofy, off the wall and have a dark dry sense of humor. I’m really a creative person and see porn as an art form. It’s hot preformence art 😈 I hope to do more dancing gigs in the future and show my creative side while i’m dancing and preforming.

Do you have a message for your fans? Where can we follow you and keep up to date with everything Ace Era?

I love all my fans and they have been so great. This has all happened so quickly and I’m very happy i’m being well received. When showing the world all of urself it’s a scary thing and u don’t know what they will think. And so far they have liked what I have showed them. I hope to show them even more of me in the future. And hope they follow me on twitter @aceera2 and Instagram under the same handle.

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