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Teddy Torres, Beau Reed, Ethan Chase and William Sawyer have a 4-way in “SuPERVisor, Part 3”

Beau Reed gives his workers – Teddy Torres, Ethan Chase and William Sawyer – a little bonus in the form of a free pass to his ass in Part 3 of The Gay Office’s “SuPERVisor.” monthly membership is 35% OFF!

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Calvin Banks and Ashton Summers fuck each other at CockyBoys

Ashton Summers takes out Calvin Banks‘ hardening cock, lingering on its powerful beauty before taking it in his mouth. Calvin wants Ashton’s beautiful ass and gets him on all fours on the table to feast on his hole. In turn Ashton grinds and gyrates on Calvin’s face. Calvin then slides in and out of Ashton who eagerly works his hole on it. Moving over to the sofa Ashton works his muscular ass on Calvin’s cock. However, he takes his control into another direction by moving Calvin to the top of the sofa where he fucks him standing up with unleashed energy, in the window for the world to see. They slow things down again as Ashton lies back on the sofa and Calvin rides his cock with HIS own athletic grace. Once again in sync they work themselves up to nearly simultaneous explosive orgasms. Just as Calvin looks ready, Ashton pulls out and shoots a gusher and as his last spurts erupt, Calvin blows his massive load!

Dee and Body Gold fuck bareback in “Under the Bridge” at Bromo

Dee & Body Gold have some things they’d like to express, all of which may end up breaking some bylaws. But if anyone did witness this public fuck, nobody was willing to break up the party. Uninterrupted rimming, sucking and breeding ensues. With traffic whizzing over head, these two go at each other with a ferocity you’ll never get tired of watching.

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Scotty Zee flip-fucks Ian Greene bareback at Next Door Raw

Scotty Zee grows hard inside Ian Greene‘s mouth and then experiences something entirely new when Ian bends him over to eat his ass. But that’s nothing compared to the first time experience that happens next, as Ian plunges his raw cock deep inside Scotty’s tight hole. Ian pounds Scotty from behind and Scotty takes every bareback inch willingly until Ian tells them to switch, and it’s Scotty’s turn to raw dog his friend, bouncing Ian on his cock as he runs his hands up and down Ian’s back.

Jay Alexander fucks the cum out of Cameron Kincade at Extra Big Dicks

Jay Alexander gets excited and soon Cameron Kincade is on his knees doing his best to deep throat Jay’s entire massive long dick. Jay then turns Cameron around and rims his ass in preparation for his big cock. Cameron’s ass is lubed up with enough spit that he can lower himself down on Jay’s big cock and once he is balls deep Jay begins to fuck up into Cameron with ever inch.

Lance Hart fucks the cum out of Marco Montgomery at Dylan Lucas

Lance Hart is in heaven as his cock throbs inside of his young stepson’s mouth. Lance moves Marco Montgomery over to the glass table and spreads his legs wide open so he can see his beautiful smooth hole. Lance tongue fucks Marco’s sexy tight hole prepping it for his hard cock. He makes Marco beg for it and then he pushes his big dick slowly into Marco’s tight eager hole. Marco tells his Daddy to fuck him hard and not to worry if he hurts him.

Hans Berlin bottoms for Osiris Blade at Extra Big Dicks

Hans Berlin sucks on Osiris Blade‘s massive meat and it slowly begins to grow bigger and bigger inside his mouth. As it grows to full length he can no longer deep throat it but he still tries his best. Osiris is enjoying every moment of Hans exploring his BBC. Osiris wants a taste of some dick as well so the switch it up into a sexy 69 where now they both can enjoy each other’s hard dicks. Hans is pretty much making love to that big dick with his mouth as Osiris tongue fucks his ass prepping it for his big thick dick.

Jason Barr and Nate Stetson have sex at Men Over 30

Jason Barr drops to his knees and sucks Nate Stetson‘s big cock and then Nate does the same for Jason. He then turns Jason around and rims his big beefy ass and uses water from the shower to spit into his ass as well. Nate loves how big and soft Jason’s ass feels on his face as he tongue fucks his hole. They both towel off and then Nate fucks Jason up against the lockers for a bit before bending him over the bench and fucking him doggy for a while. Jason’s ass is really tight and Nate’s hard dick is wrapped up tightly.

Alex Garcia and Damon Heart take turns fucking each other raw at Lucas Entertainment

This is a true flip-fuck scene between Alex Garcia and Damon Heart: both guys get what they want, and that’s a wet blowjob and a warm ass to pound. Check and check. The scene opens up with a traditional talk, and Damon has poise as he interviews Alex. He’s a natural when it comes to talking on camera. Since both models are of a similar body type, they both have an easy time throwing each other around while working up a hardcore sweat!

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